John on white-tail deer hunt near Exeland,WI with life-long friends Steve Schoepke and Mike Hunt(Green Bay Packers).

Steve’s Browning rifle was borescoped and found not good. Steve used John Huber’s backup 7mm Remington Magnum instead. Vietnam Veteran and gun buddy “Mauser” Mark Heimbach ordered the rifle ($691) to install HUBER Trigger & threaded for Square Brake. Mark passed away within 9 months of John’s wife Sandy. 

Mark’s sister Cheri told John to keep the rifle and remember Mark. John also received a casing from Mark’s funeral honor guard salute. John didn’t hesitate to add a Huber Concepts trigger and square brake along with a Vortex scope, doubling the accuracy and value.

Steve got into his treestand late (9am), Almost immediately seeing a doe, firing.  Deer down at 165 yards.  Steve said, ” Amazing, The rifle just went off on target!”

After John had built the rifle up, had to zero.
2 rounds to zero
3rd round to confirm 100yd zero
4th round for pleasure
5th round out of a brand new rifle, in someone else’s hands – MEAT!

The Huber Trigger Synchronizes Your Senses!

See the Moment in Your Eye!

Deer Treestand - Huber Triggers
Deer Hunt Exeland Wisconsin harvest
7mm Remington with Huber Trigger and Square Brake

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