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Huber Concepts Tactical STAGED-BREAK® Trigger for REM700 Rifles 1 January, 2015


Normal Installation Time 15-30 minutes. Included: documentation, (2) secondary slave pins. Tools required to replace trigger: hammer, (UNDERSIZE/LESS THAN) 1/8” punch (3mm, 3/32”).

If in doubt or questions- Please Call John at Huber Concepts

(920) 921-9641, www.huberconcepts.com, 1huberjf@att.net

Or you can seek your favorite qualified gunsmith for assistance.

SAFETY FIRST! Turn the safety on. Remove Source of Ammunition. Clear Chamber.

Read & Understand these Instructions

  • Remove bolt from receiver & set aside.
Note: Huber trigger has a current provision for “Bottom Bolt Release”.
  • Remove Barreled Action from Stock/Chassis for access to trigger mount pins.
  • Using supplied Slave Pins (to secure old trigger intact when removed), and your Punch (UNDERSIZE 1/8”) (<.118”/3mm recommended), Drift trigger mount pins, Rear pin First, Right-to-Left, to position slave pins through trigger only and liberate receiver bolt release Lever & Spring. Drift front pin Left, align slave pin in trigger and remove old trigger from receiver (trigger) well.

Caution: Not to damage bolt stop, at front pin left side, by drifting front pin left after removing bolt release lever.

  • Place HUBER trigger in trigger well of receiver & sliding Safety handle along Receiver, align and re-pin Front mount pin-First. Clear pin-left end -of release lever slot in receiver. Slave pin will fall free.
  • Re-install Rear pin from left, securing bolt release Lever &Spring, securing trigger and displacing slave pin. Top Bolt Release Lever will continue to function properly. If sear inadvertently released – with Allen wrench, tend sear spring into pocket from rear under sear.
  • Re-install bolt and close action.

FUNCTION CHECK: Set Safety to SAFE, attempt to fire- Should NOT Fire. Safety blocks trigger prior to the 2nd stage and lifts sear.

Set Safety to FIRE, attempt to fire- should FIRE thru 2-Stage function.

Trigger remains loaded thru shot & follow-thru and should return to base. Trigger CONNECTOR resets as:

  • SAFETY FIRST to ON or bolt lift, opened & cycled.
  • Re-Install Barreled Receiver into Stock/ Chassis.
  • Check stock clearance at top front.

DISCLAIMER: Trigger Form & Function is set at the factory. Geometry and adjustability’s are NON-Linear.

Any tampering (USER Adjustment) will void warranty and potentially compromise performance and safety.

WARRANTY: Huber Concepts Triggers are warranted against defect in design, manufacturing and materials to the original purchaser for one year. No warranty against misuse, abuse, deliberate tampering, unauthorized alterations and other circumstances beyond our control. Limits not to exceed cost of repair or replacement. Not responsible for subsequent actions, injury or damage to other equipment.

Return Policy for all issues, repairs or replacement at Huber Concepts determination and discretion.

Huber Concepts LLC Triggers are 100% MADE IN THE USA.

Huber Concepts Triggers are protected by U.S. Patents #6,681,511; #7,051,467; #7,430,827;

#8,132,349; #8,677,665 and other Patents Pending, U.S. Registered Trademarks.

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