Acoustic Chronograph – SuperChrono

The SuperChrono works with any caliber and can be used at any distance as long as the bullet is super sonic. The SuperChrono’s supersonic shockwave processing technology offers unsurpassed precision independent of lighting and weather conditions.

The SuperChrono is great for pistol shooters too. Check out this full video review.

The SuperChrono must be placed level and parallel with the muzzle of your rifle or pistol for the most accurate readings.

No more worries about the umbrellas falling off, shooting through a tight area and waiting for the next cease fire at the range. As an added bonus, the SuperChrono’s supersonic shockwave processing technology offers an optimum shooting area up to 300 times larger than the tiny 2×2 inch area for optical chronographs. This makes it easy to get velocity readings from close to the muzzle to any downrange distance as long as the bullet is supersonic. For the first time it’s easy to get downrange velocity readings and to calculate exact ballistic coefficient.

The SuperChrono allows you to measure super sonic bullet speed at any distance. Built-in sight lines and front and rear sights make it easy to set up the SuperChrono for bullet speed readings at muzzle level, downrange and at target. Set the SuperChrono to be parallel with your rifle at any distance for accurate readings.

Traditional optical chronograph vs. SuperChrono


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