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Mosin Nagant Trigger


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Mosin Nagant Rifle Triggers

Huber – Keep It Simple Smartly by refining the trigger function in the 1891 3-Line Russian battle rifle by giving a better time perception in the shot sequence. Effectively reduces creep at least 80% with drop-in break weights at 2.5 – 3.5# using original Sear/Spring, mount pin, and screw. This trigger is investment cast in 8620 & 304SS. Some relief clearance may be required. User form adjust ability available from set screws. Safeties are unaffected. Timing is everything, giving you a 3 to 4 fold improvement in accuracy based in time, and resulting in group size reductions by 50%.

Best Mosin Nagant Rifle Trigger Review

Are you looking to bring down your sloppy 8-18 pound trigger pull on your Mosin Nagant Rifle? The Huber Concepts anti friction ball bearing technology will bring your trigger down to a crisp 3 pounds and requires no fitting unlike many of the Timney Triggers. If you’re considering a trigger job, trigger kit, or trigger springs then seriously look at the Huber Concepts drop in fit ball bearing patented trigger for your Mosin Nagant Rifle.

Huber Concepts Remington 700 Triggers come in Single and Two Stage Design

Did you know that the Huber Concepts Triggers come in both single and two stage? Many of the top match shooters prefer the two stage because of subtractive nature in pull weight. However both the single stage and the two stage trigger give the shooter the ability to control their shot easier by putting them closer to their exact break moment and being able to feel it through the tactile sensation of the Huber Triggers.

Remington 700 Action Triggers

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