Lee Enfield SMLE Rifle Trigger



The Lee Enfield and Lee Enfield SMLE are 2 completely different triggers.

British nomenclature defines SMLE as: Short Magazine Lee Enfield #1 rifle & #4 rifle in British .303 caliber.

#1 rifle with Mark 2 (manufactured in Ishapore, India .308 caliber), and Mark 3. Mark 2 distinction has grooved shoe.

#4 rifle with Marks 1,2,3,4,5 (jungle carbine), distinctions of trigger pivot locations from floor plate to lower receiver boss slot. #4 rifle has use of an additional take up screw.

Huber triggers are of single-piece Staged-Break design utilizing original sear, spring, and pins, with 2-stage availability in mid 2014. #1 Mk 3 and #4 available in polished Stainless Steel. Minor wood relief may be required.

Huber Trigger Torture Test

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SMLE #1 Mk II Match Grade Black Teflon, SMLE #1 Mk III Match Grade Black Teflon, SMLE #1 Mk III Match Grade Stainless Steel(+$9.00), SMLE #4 Mk I,2,5 Match Grade Black Teflon, SMLE #4 Mk I,2,5 Match Grade Stainless Steel(+$9.00)


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