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Enfield Trigger


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Lee Enfield Rifle Triggers

From the period between 1890 through WW1, many turn bolt rifles were developed and copied. The pattern 1914 Enfield rifle was the British equivalent to the 1898 Mauser and carries many of the features that are notable. Staging capabilities and drop-in break weights at 2.5 – 3.5#, and original safety is retained and unaffected. Minor wood relief clearance may be required. Options for 3-round magazine short trigger. Teflon coated or polished Stainless Steel, and Cosmetic AWJ ultralite shoe relief are available.

Are you looking for Lee Enfield SMLE Triggers?

The Lee Enfield and Lee Enfield SMLE are 2 completely different triggers. Lee Enfield SMLE Triggers

Is the Arisaka Japan’s best battle rifle of all time?

The Arisaka is arguably the best battle rifle of World War 2. Is it also Japan’s best battle rifle of all time? Huber Concepts has created the most crisp and precise trigger today. Arisaka Rifle Triggers

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Match Grade Black Teflon $97 USD, Match Grade Stainless Steel $106 USD, Ultra-Light Black Teflon $106 USD, Ultra-Light Stainless Steel $116 USD


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