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The best Remington 700 aftermarket triggers in 2020 and beyond. Over the last several years we have been innovating triggers for many rifles. We’ve applied that same superior mathematics, design, and engineering to our own products. This has allowed us to bring you new and improved versions of our triggers. From our enhanced safety levers, trigger housing bodies, trigger components, trigger shoes, coatings, ball bearing technology and better shot timing with your rifle, we take pride in our never-ending commitment to improving our products with your feedback.

Everything we do is based in real life, real world shooting applications for the best precision shooting and your shot timing for better accuracy.

To date, our trigger has been installed in variants of the Remington 700 action and given Match Grade tack-driving accuracy. In every case, our customers see tighter groups and feel the difference! No other trigger on the market has our patented anti-friction ball design! Many top Rifle Builders use our Huber Concepts Remington 700 & variant trigger in their rifle builds. See what’s best for you.

If you want, read more about what makes our Remington 700 triggers so special.

We offer 2 different versions for both single-stage and 2-stage triggers.

Remington 700 Traditional Trigger
Our single-stage and 2-stage Remington 700 triggers are Rc-60 hard coat anodized aluminum body’s. These are very durable and built to last for any rifle or clone of the Remington 700 action. You’ll find many of the match shooters use these “bomb proof triggers” and count and depend on Huber Concepts.

Remington 700 Traditional triggers have a lifetime warranty.

Remington 700 Exponent Trigger
Our single-stage and 2-stage Remington 700 exponent triggers are melanite treated steel bodies. For the shooter that likes to have steel over aluminum, these offer the same quality and more. Our 700 action triggers are built for the shooter in mind to increase your shooting proficiency and shot timing.

Remington 700 Exponent triggers are recommended for .338 caliber or higher and have a lifetime warranty.

Whether you have your dad’s old hunting rifle, a Remington 700 Police Special, a Magpul or MD tactical chassis rifle, or a custom gun from Remington 700 Series S/L, M24, M40, 40X, ArmaliteAR-30, Surgeon Rifles, Defiance, Elisi, GA Precision, American Precision Arms, Big Horn, Lawton, Jense, Stiller, BAT, Badger, Phoenix Rifle, Ashbury TCR, ASW338LM, Cheytac, McMillan G30 & TAC-50, Genesis, PGW Timberwolf, Kelbly, Coyote, EDM, IMPACT, TEUBOR, LONE PEAK our triggers will function smoothly and operate in many others. If you have any questions if our triggers will fit your rifles, please give us a call.

One of our mottos is: Better Shot Timing, Guaranteed.”

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