For more than 300 years, military doctrines dictated at least 7# trigger pull weight and long creep. In high stress combat situations in all weather and physical conditions, the intent to slow soldiers rate of fire to improve presence of mind and accuracy in shot. Contemporary snipers prefer 2 stage triggers releasing between 2 # – 3 ½ #. Hunters use 1 & 2 stage 3- 5# triggers. Long range match shooters employ single stage, short/zero creep triggers breaking as low as several ounces pressure.

In The Real World- man is the platform for accurate performance of a mechanism whose sole function is ballistic projectiles. TIME is ½ of your ballistic equations in range & flight time, environment and physical factors and preparations to hit the target. Every muscle in the body imparts force to the rifle thru the shot process. Heavy forces applied to the rifle keep aim point in motion seeking center on target. Aim is never dead-on for more than a few milliseconds and excess trigger force always moves the gun off target. Sympathetic muscles adjacent, heartbeat, respiration and general physical state also affect firing discipline in shot performance. Heavy triggers typically move aim off target at time of firing.

Huber Concepts employs the latest computer technologies, ergonomics, mathematics, advanced manufacturing methods and motion physics to provide the best triggers for you & your firearm.

Our U.S. Patents – #6,681,511; #7,051,467; #7,430,827; #8,132,349; #8,677,665; #9,255,750 and other Patents Pending cover our use of ball bearings, metallurgy and methods that have been qualified with the Dvorak Trigger Scan to develop faster lock-times, lower energy-to-actuate, and short travels. The result is better shot management for tighter shot groups, improved self-confidence and discipline at longer ranges. Stage weights and timing custom set at the factory. Dvorak trigger profiles documented and each trigger serial numbered. Our SAFETY is available RH, LH, Bottom, .50 Cal, & None. Safety blocks both the sear and the trigger.

Actions function and fit to: Remington 700 Series S/L, M24, M40, 40X, ArmaliteAR-30, Surgeon Rifles, Defiance, Elisi, G A Precision, American Precision Arms, Big Horn, Lawton, Jense, Stiller, BAT, Badger, Phoenix Rifle, Ashbury TCR, ASW338LM, Cheytac, McMillan G30 & TAC-50, Genesis, PGW Timberwolf, Kelbly, Coyote, EDM, IMPACT, TEUBOR, LONE PEAK and many others. 

Huber Concepts STAGED-BREAK® Trigger Specifications & Expectations

HC Part # 8-5556300073-4

Approximate Assembly

SAFETY Function Blocks Both Sear & Trigger/Connector prior to 2 nd Stage and release points. RH, LH, Bottom,.50 Cal., or NO Safety Lever Available.

Light & Heavy pull weight ranges: 8 0zs. To 6 pounds.

Initial Take-up 0.005”.

Travel to Actuate .19 – .020 inches externally adjustable.

Single Stage, force 0.5# – 3#

2-Stage 1 st stage force 12 ozs. – 1#, 2 nd Stage Force (Peak) 1.5# -6#

Overtravel .030” – .110”

Energy To Actuate .013 -.250 #/inch

Lock Time 1.7 – 3.1 ms

Materials Certification USA Vendors/Suppliers

Serial Number # xxxxxx Inspection & Technical Data (Dvorak)

HUBER Anti-Friction Ball Trigger Remington 700 Traceable Metrics and Standards

  1. Inspired and designed for 2 Stage, configurable to 0-creep single stage.
  2. Pull weights as follows: Condition 1 (2 stage): <1# 1 st stage, 1.5 – 6# 2 nd stage with travel adjustable to safety threshold. Condition 2 (single stage): 8oz – 3#.
  3. Huber Triggers are 100% Made in USA. NO Remington OEM parts used.
  4. Functions in timing. True “STAGED-BREAK®” Trigger.
  5. Trigger operates through sequenced acceleration in rotation of third element and interacting ball bearings.
  6. Trigger does not directly release the sear and decreases tendency to fire through bolt closing and inadvertent trigger movement. Acts as a set trigger in that if shot aborted at 2 nd stage, reengagement 1 st stage @ -50% energy and weight. If engagement terminated, connector will be reset (from set function) with the SAFETY to ON – BEFORE ANY OTHER ACTION for an unfired round in chamber. Safety is designed to deactivate the trigger, ON SAFETY will NOT release shot and recommended when not firing. Opening Bolt will also Reset trigger.
  7. Trigger pull weights are set at factory per request. Geometry and adjustabilities are NON- Linear and not meant as user adjustments. Should never be set below safety interaction.
  8. Safety has internal safety “Latch” for active block of Sear & Trigger/Connector.
  9. RH, LH, .50Cal. or Trigger Guard Bottom Safety lever available.
  10. Provision for OEM Lower Boltstop Release Lever, RH/LH available..
  11. U.S.Patents #6,681,511; #7,051,467; #7,430,827; #8,132,349; #8,677,665; #9,255,750 & Pending.
  12. Exceeds TRADOC Rough Handling requirements ( Function Check). CONTINUE to Function/Fire AFTER Vertical drop test, SAFETY – ON, 1.5m to concrete.
  13. Drop-test on FIRE does NOT prove Safety or Primary Function of the Firearm. Does NOT prove Safety or Proficiency of the Operator. . Does NOT shift responsibility/ blame for actions of shooter in Conditional Logics. Does Damage to Primary Function of firearm, discredits components.

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