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Custom Precision Triggers from Huber Concepts


Huber custom rifle triggers are designed to give the precision and accuracy any dedicated shooter is looking for, whether you’re a professional or just an enthusiast.

Safe Firearms Handling Discipline:
SAFETY – ON until Ready to Fire ( Conditional Logics )
SEE with a CALM EYE (Sight-picture Coincidence Decision Moment )
THINK FASTER than the MOMENT ( 2ms )
THINK BEFORE the MOMENT ( Acquire to Fire )



Staged-Break Redefined

HUBER STAGED-BREAK Triggers should not be compared to traditional 1 or 2 stage triggers or Brands (Jewell, Timney, Jackson, etc.). Huber ball bearing triggers, where

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George Lainhart@georgelainhart
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A year or so I got one of your triggers from a recommendation from my SWAT commander and after all this time, it is by far the best two stage trigger I have ever used and have recommended them to every sniper I know. I am working closely with MDT TAC that builds Aluminum rifle chassis in Canada and recently the CEO of the company bought three of them from you and like me he dearly loves them. Thanks again for building such a fantastic high quality trigger.
Frank L. Galli@frankgalli
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I have been a fan of Huber Triggers since the beginning. John’s helped change the game by making a user selectable trigger without the problems associated to user adjustability. Sealing the body was just another added bonus in his process. With his computer readout, the end user knows exactly where and how his trigger will break. This allows the shooter to marry his finger to the shoe, getting that crisp repeatable break every single time. Huber Triggers are my first choice in an aftermarket trigger.

Dennis Wagner – Husqvarna 1640 30-06

I have an older Husqvarna 1640 in 30-06. The best groups that I could get with it prior to the installation of your trigger was in the inch and a half range, which I didn’t think was too bad considering the trigger pull was extremely heavy. I finally installed your trigger and headed to the range, the targets speak for themselves! Three different targets, all under 6/10 of 1 inch. Thanks to you this old Husqvarna is now my favorite hunting rifle! Thank you for A top-notch quality product that delivers what it promises. I will be buying more in the future, thanks again, Dennis Wagner