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Lee Enfield Trigger


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Lee Enfield SMLE Rifle Triggers

British nomenclature defines SMLE as: Short Magazine Lee Enfield #1 rifle & #4 rifle in British .303 caliber.

#1 rifle with Mark 2 (manufactured in Ishapore, India .308 caliber), and Mark 3. Mark 2 distinction has grooved shoe.

#4 rifle with Marks 1,2,3,4,5 (jungle carbine), distinctions of trigger pivot locations from floor plate to lower receiver boss slot. #4 rifle has use of an additional take up screw.

Huber triggers are of single-piece Staged-Break design utilizing original sear, spring, and pins, with 2-stage availability in mid 2014. #1 Mk 3 and #4 available in polished Stainless Steel. Minor wood relief may be required.

Husqvarna HVA rifles

Husqvarna HVA bolt action rifle was one of the finest rifles every built. Husqvarna Huber Concepts Match Trigger

Are you looking for a 1914-1917 Lee Enfield Trigger?

Often times people are confused between the Lee Enfield SMLE and the Lee Enfield 1914-1917. Lee Enfield 1914-1917 Triggers

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SMLE #1 Mk II Match Grade Black Teflon $97, SMLE #1 Mk III Match Grade Black Teflon $97, SMLE #1 Mk III Match Grade Stainless Steel $106, SMLE #4 Mk I,2,5 Match Grade Black Teflon $97, SMLE #4 Mk I,2,5 Match Grade Stainless Steel $106


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