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Letter from the inventor:

I have created this trigger with the collector as well as the shooter in mind. The black teflon model gives you the performance of a match grade paper puncher while keeping the original military profile. The stainless steel and ultra-light models add a distinctive custom look with the performance you can expect from this patented design.

As a collector of Curio & Relic firearms I have always loved the look of a rifle that has survived 50 years or more. Matching numbers with 90% finish, a great bore with solid action but – that awful trigger. With a pull you can measure with a yard-stick and and creep that is unreal. Now you can bring new life to that old favorite with a one piece up grade. I have tried other industry standard and custom triggers. Even at twice the price my trigger can’t be beat! With only a little fitting required on some models compared to the major inletting and grinding required on some types, this installation is a snap.

In my military days we learned as riflemen that each shot should be a surprise. While my collection of war time bolt actions was quite function able and contained several great calibers – that darn trigger. That’s why this trigger has come to be. Now my favorite Mauser is a game getter. Match grade quality and a sniper sweet feel. The shooter can set the adjustments for the feel that best fits their style and needs.

Thanks for your interest in my trigger.

John F. Huber

Huber Concepts
322 N. Military Rd.
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
PH# 920-921-9641

The Trigger Guy